Spire Renewables specialise in the supply and design of underfloor heating systems for developers Architects and builders across Cardiff.
Simply share the plans for your upcoming development and we’ll provide an efficient, compact and competitively priced heating solution custom-designed for your project..

What are the Benefits with Underfloor Heating?

With a properly installed underfloor heating system, the entire floor is heated so warmth is evenly released with no cold spots. People who have enjoyed the ambience in an underfloor heated space will always choose underfloor heating as their first option given the choice.
Underfloor heating is energy efficient, using lower temperatures and covers a much larger surface area of the room. Each room or space with underfloor heating includes a dedicated thermostat that independently controls this area enabling you greater control over the energy used. Underfloor heating can therefore, help you save energy and lower running costs.
Unlike radiators, underfloor heating is invisible and does not take up any additional space giving greater interior design freedom and ideal for open plan living.
Underfloor heating systems do not just have aesthetic appeal, they hold some Health and Safety benefits as well. The gentle heat and low humidity creates a kinder environment for furniture and the circulation of dust and mites is reduced, making the air cleaner and less allergenic. Underfloor heating is ideal for allergy sufferers, and also the elderly and children as there are no exposed hot or sharp surfaces.

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Here at Spire Renewables we can help you to enjoy all the benefits of choosing underfloor heating. We are based in Taff's Well, Cardiff and serve all of South Wales, the South West and beyond. If you would like to get started with your underfloor heating installation today, get in touch with us right away on 029 2240 2447.

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