Macrobore HP is a simple, cost-effective solution to radiator heating circuit design and installation via a heat pump or other low flow temperature heat source.

Quick to install and affordable but nevercompromises on reliability. Every product included in a Macrobore HP System is available to purchase via our web shop.

How does it work?

Our tried and tested Macrobore HP Plumbing System involves each radiator or towel rail being fed from an individual port of a central manifold.  

The manifold feeds each radiator via a pair of 16mm MLCP (Multilayer Composite Pipe) pipes, allowing for a radiator output of up to 1.5kW at 50°C and 3 kW at 70°C.

20mm MLCP pipes can be used if required for larger radiators, although more commonly an increased number of 1.5kW radiators are used to heat a large space.

The MLCP Pipework connects to the bottom of each radiator via a 16-15mm chromed transition (either pre-formed or a custom pipe run).

Why Macrobore HP?

Cost-effective: MLCP Pipework is far more affordable than copper.

Simple: With a tight bend radius, MLCP Pipework is the simplest to install as it allows for few or no joints between the Manifold and radiator. The use of a decoiler enables quick installation.

Durable: The Pert-Alu-Pert Construction of MLCP Pipework is suitable for high sustained flow temperatures (up to 80°C) over a long period of time therefore it is not subject to damage unlike plastic-only walled pipes. Our MLCP Pipework comes with a 40-year warranty.

Practical: Our Macrobore HP Plumbing System design enables each radiator to be isolated independently both at the radiator and at the Manifold meaning drain downs are faster and simpler in the event of a leak.

Flexible: Radiators can be controlled on a room-by-room basis due to the use of a conventional manifold which enables thermostatic control. Radiators can also be controlled in groups via a central thermostat. We commonly use heatmiser control systems to achieve this.

Accurate: The flow setters on the manifold allows for 100% accurate flow rates to radiators and allows simple balancing of flow.

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